The performance of the transportation companies in 2019 was positive according to ELSTAT data, their total turnover increased significantly after a long period of decline.

In recent years, the Transport & Logistics market has been steadily increasing, as the country’s economic environment has been more stable than in previous years. Specifically, in 2019 the majority of businesses operating in the industry experienced an increased turnover, benefiting from rising volumes.


Greece ranks first in the world in terms of total number of merchant ships by capacity (and 2nd in total). Piraeus Port ranks 7th among Europe’s largest container ports.


Greece has a coastline of 16 thousand kilometers, more than 220 inhabited islands and a large number of lakes in the mainland. The creation of a water network is a program that is fully compatible with the characteristics of our country.

The new legislative framework, which was voted in the Greek Parliament in 2019, has lifted all the restrictions that existed in the pilot program at the time. It is a friendlier framework for entrepreneurship and less bureaucratic and this let us hope that we’ll be able to establish a network of seaplane flights not only to the Ionian Sea but also to other parts of the country such as the Aegean islands, Crete, the Argosaronic Gulf and so on.

Argo Audit is a key player in the sector.

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