Payroll Process

We undertake the full range of payroll process with our primary priority being to adapt to the requirements and our clients needs. Our services include:

  • Collection and processing of payroll data and performing payroll calculations
  • Export of payroll accounting articles and forecasts on a monthly basis for costing usage
  • We could manage salary payments as we corporate with all banks
  • Online submission of Social Security files, other insurance contributions (such as TSEMEDE) and tax returns
  • Preparation and submission of annual staff remuneration certificates
  • Generate a variety of administrative reports and payroll cost scenarios
  • Planning an annual staff pay and benefits budget

Our services concern

  • both permanent and temporary stuff (assignees)
  • Payroll for Executives

We offer benefits administration such as:

  • Management of health insurance plans
  • Managing pension plans
  • Management of personnel expenses
  • Corporate mobile phone management
  • We send you emails or Newsletters in order to inform you for significant law changes.
  • We are confident in applying payroll changes to legislation.
  • We provide support in the event of on-the-spot or regular inspections by the Labor Inspectorate, insurance agencies and OAED.
  • Especially for Executives, such as directors, we offer tax consulting services to deal with complicated tax purposes.
  • Full information on the required procedure, the necessary documents and the timetable for implementation and installation of the payroll representative.
  • We provide support for the tax establishment of a foreign person in Greece and for the determination of the procedures required for the tax residence of a legal person to be established.
  • Official translation of company legalization documents.
  • Registration of the legal representative of a foreigner in the registrars of foreign nationals.
  • We offer representation to the tax authorities.
  • We offer representation to the insurance institutions.
  • Online representation on the Ergani Information System, on the websites of insurance agencies and the Ministry of Finance.
  • Clearance and payment of payroll.
  • Payment of insurance contributions and payroll tax to the competent services.
  • End-of-year work (preparation and submission of required certificates).